Dindardan, AXCP üzvü Kamran  şikayyət edibmiş

Dindardan, AXCP üzvü Kamran  şikayyət edibmiş...
Hüseynzadə Mircəfər .
Bu gün demək olar ki , dünənki hadisədən gözə gəldik .  ( məni polis rəisi Ədalət müəllim  çağırmışdı onunla danışığımız normal keçdi və videonu silməyi istədi , bu 2020 ci il 6 yanvarda oldu .)
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Talyshistan, became one of the entities of the Azerbaijan SSR in defiance of the will of the people. Due to the efforts of local public figures Talysh educational establishments were created; academic treatises and the world fiction were translated into the Talyshi language, Talysh newspapers were published and educational centers for national culture promotion were founded. However, this process of resurgence was stopped by repressions sanctioned by Stalin’s protégé – Mir Jafar Baghirov. Were shot Boyukaga Mirsalayev and Razzag Kazimov and many more were executed; many others were exiled - Zulfugar Ahmadzadeh (to Siberia, where he died of a long illness), Muzaffar Nasirli (to Turkmenistan. He died of malaria in two years after returning from exile), Shirali Akhundov (to Siberia. He returned from exile 21 years later and died in two years after that). The use of the Talyshi language in media was banned. As a result of the policies, the data of 1959 censuses about the Talysh population were annihilated - in 1959, the number of the Talysh in the whole Soviet Union "was" about over one hundred people, and in 1970 and in 1979, they just "disappeared". The next burst of selfawareness occurred in the crucial for the USSR 1980s, when the State made some concessions on civilian selfexpression. In 1989, the Talysh "returned" into the Census: the USSR acknowledged 21 602 of them. In the wake of the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991 a referendum was held on preserving the Soviet Union. More than 90% of the Talysh voted to retain the state. But when the Azerbaijani Republic was formed, the opinion of the Talysh (and other ethnic groups of the region) about the integration of their territories was not considered, and no referendum was held to inquire the sentiment of the indigenous population. In 1993, the Talysh declared the Talysh-Mughan Autonomous Republic within the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Despite the existence of the Nakhichevan and the Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous (according to the official position of Baku) Republics within the jurisdiction of the Azerbaijan Republic, the desire to establish its autonomy by the Talysh was viewed as separatism and severely suppressed by the President of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev. After that, the fight for the collective rights of the Talysh in totalitarian Azerbaijan state advocating the ProTurkic ideology, the core idea of which is a complete assimilation of the indigenous ethnic groups, lost its meaning. The implanted ideology runs contrary to the core European values of democracy and human rights and freedom.