Another UNPO Member that is currently strugglingwithin Azerbaijan are the Talysh.
   Another UNPO Member that is currently strugglingwithin Azerbaijan are the Talysh.

The Talyshestablished a khanate in the 17th Century, following thefall of the Iranian empire of Nadir Shah. The southern
 section of the khanate was claimed by Iran, initially aspart of the Gulistan Treaty and finally by theTurkmenchay Agreement in 1828, and now forms partof the Gilan province. The northern part was ceded toImperial Russia at the same time. This territory hassubsequently been ruled by the Soviet Union and,since 1991, Azerbaijan.In June 1993, during major political unrest across theCaucasus, Alikram Hummatov declared the formation
of the Talysh-Mugansk utonomous Republic
known as Talyshstan, as a response to the turmoil.
However, the self-proclaim state was short-lived,lasting only until August 1993. With the accession ofthe Aliyev family to power in n Baku, the Azerbaijani
central government reclaimed power in the region
and Hummatov was sentenced to death for hisactivities, a penalty that was subsequently commutedto life imprisonment. Hummatov was released in 2004due to pressure from the Council of Europe, whoclassified him as a political prisoner. However, he wasstripped of his Azerbaijani citizenship and now lives in
The Netherlands.
The Talysh seek an autonomous confederative Talyshprovince within the borders of Azerbaijan, withdecentralization of power to regions so as to promotefairer representation of minority groups, as well as toensure cultural and linguistic freedoms. UNPO standsresolutely with the peaceful campaign for greaterautonomy, and calls on the government of Azerbaijanto recognize and respect that distinct ethno-cultural
identity of the Talysh.

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