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                                                                                                                                                                                                              President of Talysh-Mughan Autonomous Republic;
Chairman, Talysh National Movement


The trial of Fakhraddin Aboszoda, a prominent Talysh scholar and journalist, illegally arrested in Russia and extradited to Azerbaijan, and currently kept in the remand prison of the State Security Service of the Azerbaijan Republic in Baku, is approaching.  The law enforcement structures, as well as the authorities of the Azerbaijan Republic concluded that, all the aspects of Fakhraddin Abszoda’s case had been thoroughly investigated.  Video addresses and articles in the Talyshi language by Fakhraddin Aboszoda, who is, among other things, accused of high treason, appear as material evidence in the case.  The investigating authorities say that, the mentioned materials were translated into Azerbaijani by a kind of "expert" from the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan (NASA). 
In this regard, we would like to inform you that the Azerbaijani Themis is again in its repertoire and continues to deceive the entire world community. I consider it my duty to bring to your attention the fact that, in the Azerbaijan Republic, none of the educational or research centers, whether the universities or National Academy of Sciences, have never trained specialists on the Talyshi language, due to the lack of relevant departments and professionals. Based on the above, I state with all responsibility that the presence of a so-called trained Talyshi language expert in the state bodies of Azerbaijan is nothing more than a fiction. 
On the contrary, in the Yerevan State University, at the Iranian Studies Faculty, there is the only Talysh language department in the world that trains specialists in this language. Therefore, to confirm the correctness of the translation of the aforementioned materials of the criminal case, only specialists of the Talysh language department of Yerevan State University are eligible.
Taking into consideration the above said, we demand that the Azerbaijani judicial system would comply with the international law and ensure that the investigation of the case is conducted strictly in accordance with the international standards. 
We urge all the democratic institutions of the world to contribute to making a fair decision on Fakhraddin Aboszoda’s (https://www.rferl.org/a/azerbaijan-talysh-activist-abbasov-arrested-baku-deported-russia/29798221.html) case. 
Respectfully Yours,

Alakram Hummatov

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