Appeal to the world about the help of the death hunger strike of Fakhraddin Abbasov

To the whole world,
Dear Mr. Omtzigt,
Dear Ms. Þórhildur Sunna,

  Fakhraddin Aboszoda (Abbasov), a Talysh scholar and journalist, one of the leaders of the Talysh National Movement, has been on a hunger strike for a week in the pre-trial detention center of the State Security Service of Azerbaijan, where he has been detained since February 28, 2019, after his illegal extradition from Russia. He protests against the conditions of  his detention, systematic violation of procedural norms by the investigation, artificial extension of his detention in a pre-trial detention center, complete isolation, pressure on his lawyers by the investigation, violation of the confidentiality of the relationship between the lawyer and his client, ignoring his appeals and obstructing those to be considered by both the higher court of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the European Court of Human Rights.
  At the meeting of the Baku Court of Appeal on April 15, 2019, he stated that he would appeal to the ECHR in regard with the illegality of his detention (he was arrested without presenting any documents). His lawyer, E. Osmanov prepared a statement to the European Court of Human Rights, but under pressure from the investigation, he did not send it, and subsequently refused to defend Fakhraddin Aboszoda (Abbasov). The next lawyer, E. Gambarov, currently being under pressure from the investigation, has not sent the documents to the ECHR either, despite the demand of Fakhraddin Aboszoda (Abbasov). On October 15, 2019, the deadline for filing a complaint to the ECHR will expire. F. Aboszoda demands that they would admit the lawyer to him, and would not interfere with his complaint to the ECHR.
  The health status of Fakhraddin Aboszoda (Abbasov) has seriously deteriorated since his arrest and illegal deportation from Russia to Azerbaijan. He is under serious psychological (and, possibly, not only psychological) pressure.
  We express serious concern about the state of Fakhradin Aboszoda’s health and the conditions of his detention in the Baku pre-trial detention center and ask you to intervene in the situation!

Alakram Hummatzoda,
President of the Talysh-Mughan Autonomous Republic,
The Hague, Kingdom of the Netherlands,
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