From Aslan Gurbanov's trial-joke (That is, about this closed trial!)
From Aslan Gurbanov's trial-joke (That is, about this closed trial!)

            "If being a Talysh is a crime, then I am a criminal!"

    Yes, Aslan Gurbanov's trial-joke is over!
    The judge sentenced Aslan Gurbanov to 7 years in prison! Haphazardly... they SNIPPED, CUT AND SEW THEMSELVES! (by following on the illegal order of the regime). 
    I wonder how dangerous were the actions of this young man for this state that they hurted and torturing a young man? Wouldn't it be enough a mild punishment and reprimand with showing mercy?
    What is Aslan's fault, after all? He wrote a slogan and shared it on social networks!... How much damage has the state suffered from his actions, whose life was endangered, who were injured?!...
    After all, we often hear the same slogans from those shouting in front of the Russian and Iranian embassies: - "Russians, Persians, Armenians - these are the enemies of the Turks". Even though under the custody and supervision of the country's police.
    After all, the trials of those who have committed more serious crimes than Aslan are open, they are given much lighter punishments, after 2-3 years, they are released under the guise of amnesty!...
    It can be concluded that the accused is not only a young man - Aslan Gurbanov!
    The accused is TALISH, TALISH people!

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