Hunger strike in the Netherlands continues at the deport camp!
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 Hunger strike in the Netherlands continues at the deport camp!

 Today, November 1, 2019 in the Netherlands, the political asylum seeker from Azerbaijan by nationality Lezgin, Zakif Nazimovich Sharifov, began a hunger strike again.

Mr. Zakif officially goes on hunger strike at a deportation camp in the Netherlands.
 The reason for the hunger strike is not the treatment him attention and deportation to Poland of Mr. Zakif.

The first reason is related to his health.
 As previously written about this case, Mr. Zakif is seriously ill.  His health condition is fatal.
 Despite all this, the appeal to him is the same.  No one is watching, no one is helping .

The second reason is that they want to send him back to Poland under the Dublin Agreement, and as we all know, Poland will not accept him and vice versa will send him back to Azerbaijan.

We ask the Government of the Netherlands and related organizations for the reception of refugees to consider this matter as soon as possible and to keep under control the fate of Mr.
  Sharifov Zakif Nazimovich.

 Government leadership in the Emigration of the Talysh Mugan Autonomous Republic.
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