Minister of Economic Development of the TMMR Member of the Human Rights Commission of the TMMR.
Minister of Economic Development of the TMMR
Member of the Human Rights Commission of the TMMR.

                    Does the Azerbaijani government see the Talyshes as its citizens?
                        Are their problems being solved? 

    Yes, all the objections, suggestions and persistence we have insisted on resolving many national, racial and cultural problems for years are all ignored, and despite the insistence of many elected organizations and agencies, no response has been given and is still not given. Therefore, such uselessness drags the Talysh people into a whirlpool of "nothingness". This "nothingness" means that it is normal for them to live as a nation as if they have never existed or have always been part of this existing environment or system, and that their own internal national, spiritual feelings and emotions are abnormal. And it is always better to live like that and pay attention to their mental correctness system, and instills in his body and his own acceptance of it. Consequently, as a result, mental thought, that ranging varies from the high current and intensity of the forming wave frequency to the frequencies of manipulation and tension, is unaware of the shocking impulse intentions and transfers. A brief look at all of this raises the question: Is the Talysh nation, an ethnic minority in Azerbaijan, considered a "citizen" by the regime? Are their rights sufficiently restored?

            "While looking for an answer to a question, a hundred new questions arise."
            ...in appearance, as through there is no problem, and everything is in order.
            "Invisibility does not indicate the absence of troubles, but the lack of light."

    In fact, it turns into a complex variety, depending on how we look at the issues and sometimes what we want to see. The prisms of approach to work and issues are growing, which in turn ultimately prolongs the perception rate and visibility of problems in a difficult and incomprehensible vortex.
    "The biggest flaw of philosophical systems is daltonism. Those who see the world only in black and white are if how much closer to reality, just those who do not see the diversity between these external situations, based on existence and non-existence, good and evil, truth and falsehood, also assimilate reality."

    From the opinion of many well-known journalists, bloggers, institutions and organizations, it can be concluded that although the Talyshes have been granted "citizenship status" by the Republic of Azerbaijan, it is of a formal disposition and their language has been abolished and they have been confronted with material and moral wars and problems in their daily lives. But from another point of view, would it still be more correct to say "the world is silent" in order to fully resolve all these ethnic, racial and heritage issues?
It can be said that Western countries react the most to the repressive policy of the Azerbaijani government and human rights violations, but so some of them do not express a clear attitude on this issue due to economic considerations and interests.

            "There are many facts, but the truth is one."

    In general, the Azerbaijani government is an extremely authoritarian government that oppresses any opposition by all means. Not only the Talysh opposition, but also those who demand liberalization or democratization and different minorities are targeted. For example, in the past, the movement of the Popular Front of Azerbaijan has been incredibly repressed, and so have other opposition forces. Therefore, it is not surprising what was done to the Talysh opposition. Torture camps are still a widespread tool in the 21st century to reconcile people with the YAP Party and to intimidate dissidents. Everyone who opposes the political leadership of Azerbaijan is targeted in this way.
I am completing today's topic and in the second part I will try to clarify these unanswered questions in more detail ...

Yours' faithfully
Mr. Farhad Asadov
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