Talysh Supreme Council of Elders (TSCoE) Statement

Talysh Supreme Council of Elders (TSCoE)


There is a great concern about the fate and health of the historian, linguist, publicist, journalist Fakhraddin Abbasov, who was detained in the isolation of the State Security Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan on 28 February, 2019.
He is completely isolated from public life. Except of close relatives, he is completely deprived from other persons, food and material support as well as moral and psychological support.
Neither country society amd country NGOs have commented on human rights defenders about numerous human rights abuses. Also no any meeting with him was allowed to Talysh and others public figures of country!
As TSCoE, we are very worried about whether Fakhraddin Abbasov's health, nutrition and treatment are being provided. Professor F. Abbasov is known as a true patriot and a fighter for the restoration of the rights of his native Talysh people.
Because of the poor implementation of Articles 44 and 45 of the AR Constitution, as a honest Talysh Fakhraddin Abbasov forced openly talk his thoughts and was accused for using various resources.

However, under Article 47 of the AR Law, everyone has the right to freedom of thought and expression.
Fakhraddin Abbasov has never been the founder of any party or political organization. He has never sought to incite the hatred between nations and peoples.
Professor Fakhraddin Abbasov is truly an internationalist. Therefore, the charges against him are groundless and ordered.

Professor Fakhraddin Abbasov has prepared and published "Grammar of the Talysh language" (at the academic level) and the next dictionaries: "Russian-Talysh" (107,000 words); Talysh - Russian; Azerbaijani - Talysh; Talysh Azerbaijani; English -Talysh and Talysh - English.

He is also the author of over a thousand scientific articles and historical research works. The professor has been able to do the work of the entire scientific institution alone.
We consider the arrest of such a great person in the life of the Talysh people, a direct disrespect and insult to the Talysh people! To put such a person in prison is a great ignorance to humanity, to humility, to bravery, to tolerance, to multiculturalism and no name other than hatred to all Talysh people!
TSCoE firmly demands the immediate release of the magnificent Professor Fakhraddin Abbasov and insist on stopping the masquerade aimed to create fright!
The statement was discussed and adopted by the TSCoE General Assembly on 22 September, 2019.

Talysh Supreme Council of Elders.


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