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Abbasov Fakhraddin Farman ogly (Fakhraddin ABOSZODA),
Born 1956, an ethnic Talysh, one of the leaders of the Talyshi National Movement;
a scholar and political analyst, currently imprisoned in preliminary detention cell of the State Security Service of Azerbaijan Republic.


Dear friends!

In October 2008, I, together with my family - my wife and two sons - had to emigrate from Azerbaijan to Russia, in order to avoid the inevitable arrest. In 2012, our family broke up: my wife, as a result of constant stress, left us and returned to Azerbaijan.
In 2010, the passports of my sons, Rashad and Ulvi, expired, and I was going to send them to Azerbaijan, in order to receive new passports. However, high-rank officials of the Kremlin administration, in a private talk, recommended me not to do it, and said: "If you send your sons to Azerbaijan, you will never see them again!". 
My own passport was valid up to 2012. That is why already in 2010 we applied for the status of political refugees to the Migration Service department of the Moscow region. In half a year, they rejected to give us such a status. However, in June 2011 we received the temporary asylum on the territory of the Russian Federation.
Then, we decided to apply for the Russian citizenship. In February 2014, all three of us received residence permit on the territory of the Russian Federation for five years - until February 26, 2019. Simultaneously, in June 2014, we officially renounced the citizenship of Azerbaijan, and our notary-approved statements were sent to the Embassy of Azerbaijan Republic in Moscow. Yet, the Azerbaijani authority did not revoke our citizenship and continued to insist on my extradition to Azerbaijan, while the Russian authorities still rejected to give us the Russian citizenship. 
Thus, having had no passports and thus deprived of the right to leave the country, we appeared to be hostages on the territory of Russian Federation.  
On July 14 2018, the Court of the Sabail district of Baku made the decision in absentia about my arrest; upon this decision, the Prosecutor General's office of Azerbaijan Republic sent the request of my extradition to the Prosecutor General's office of Russian Federation.
Having learned about it, I voluntarily came to the police department of the Luberetsky district of Moscow region, where I was registered. Police officers took me to the Lubertsy Prosecutor's office, where the Assistant Prosecutor, for five hours, was inquiring me on the issue of the request of Azerbaijan. In the request of my extradition, the following two points were mentioned as charges: 1) inciting ethnic hatred; 2) call for the collapse of territorial integrity of Azerbaijan. After our talk, the Assistant Prosecutor realized that all the charged were false, and refused to extradite me to Azerbaijan. He went to the Prosecutor of the town of Lubertsy, in order to inform him about his decision. However, after the meeting with the Prosecutor, he said that they had to arrest me for 48 hours. In response to my question about the reason of my arrest, he openly said: "We received the instruction from the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation to arrest you". Thus, I appeared in the remand prison of the town of Lubertsy, and next morning, 07.09.2018, the Lubertsy City Court made a decision to arrest me for a month, and later extended the period of detention until 06.03.2019. During this period, the Russian Prosecutor's office was conducting investigation. 
On February 2019 my residence permit in Russian Federation, as well as my passport registration, expired. However, two months before, in statutory terms, I applied to the General Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, for the extension of both my residence permit and passport registration. However, I had not received any response to my application before the date of my extradition, i.e. 27.02.2019. 
On 27.02.2019 I was taken to the Lubertsy Prosecutor's office, accompanied by four young athletic men who, for some reasons, called themselves bailiffs, and two police officers". They led me across the backyard to the courtroom. Then the Prosecutor handed me the resolution of the Prosecutor General's office of the Russian Federation, saying, inter alia: "The Prosecutor General's of the Russian Federation refuses to extradite Abbasov F.F. to Azerbaijan, and frees him from arrest.".
When I asked the Prosecutor: "I was arrested by the court, how can the Prosecutor's office frees me from arrest?", he replied: "These young men will explain you everything!".
I demanded on the invitation of my lawyers, but those young men who were accompanying me, pushed me into the bus, brought me to the Lubertsy city court, and, through the backyard, took me to the third floor, to a room at the end of the corridor. Then, I was approached by a police officer, who introduced himself as a representative of the Migration Department of the Moscow region and wanted to interrogate me on the issue of my violation on the migration law of Russian Federation.  I refused to testify and demanded to call my lawyers.  

Then I was taken to the court-room, where the judge Khodunova announced that she would hold the court hearing on the issue of my violation of the migration law of Russian Federation. I protested and said that, first, I had not violated the law, since I had not received responses to my applications to the relevant structures, and second, I would answer all the questions only in the presence of my lawyers. The judge refused to invite my lawyers and announced a break until 14:00. Despite my multiple requests, nobody called my lawyers. I stayed in the room until 14:00. At 14.00 I was again invited to the court-room, but I categorically refused to go there. The judge Khodunova came to our room herself and said that she would hold the judicial sitting right there. I stood up and tried to leave the room, but two of those young men blocked the exit from the room and did not let me out. I hit one of them twice, but the rest of them approached and twisted my hands. In such a situation, the judge read out the pre-made text of the court's decision: "To fine Aboszoda F.F.b for five thousand rubles for Аbbasov F.F. for the violation of the migration law of Russian Federation, and to subject him to controlled deportation to Azerbaijan within 5 days".
Then, those "court experts" brought me to the Sheremetyevo airport, and approximately at 24:00 handed me to representatives of Azerbaijan.  
In the airport of Baku, Azerbaijan State Security Service's officers arrested me and took me to the SSS remand prison. 
In the morning of 28.02.2019, the State Security investigative group started interrogations. The investigator introduced me to the decision of the Sabail court of Baku, of 14.07.2018. I immediately realized that it was illegal, since I had already been arrested by this decision in the Russian Federation, and I remained under arrest for about 6 months. A prosecutorial investigation was conducted, and the Russian Prosecutor’s office, having failed to find corpus delicti in my actions, freed me! I deliberately did not raise this issue before the investigator and played for time; and when the issue was raised by me a month later, everyone was alarmed! 
First, they said that everything was legal and complied with local legislation. However later, on the 38th day of my arrest in Baku, I received a copy of the Sabail Court’s decision of September 14, 2018 and, within next three days, I filed a complaint against the Baku Court of Appeal, in order to later have an opportunity to appeal my illegal arrest in the European Court of Human Rights (a person cannot be arrested twice upon the same decision!). 
I must particularly note that, within two weeks after my arrest, I had no connection with the outside world, and only two weeks later my relatives visited me. In that period of time, I was granted a state lawyer, and only a month later, my relatives were able to hire an independent lawyer for me, since all the lawyers, having been afraid of the “all-powerful” State Security Service, refused to take up my case.  Finally, one of them agreed to take up my case, but during our very first meeting, he said: “If I write a complaint to the European Court, then they will kill me!” The Baku Court of Appeal ignored all my arguments, and upheld the decision of the Sabail Court, and the most interesting part began after that.
The investigation team simply forbade my lawyer to write a complaint to the European Court! Besides, to this day, I have not received a copy of the decision of the Court of Appeal held on 15. 04.2019!   
Thus, I am still unable to write a complaint to the European Court. Our conversations with my lawyer are being listened and recorded, wherein the Investigation Group forces my lawyer to share with them the entire content of our conversations! 
In such conditions, when the members of the Investigation Group openly hint that my fate “has long been predetermined” and when I have been illegally under arrest for the second month, I decided to appeal to the world community and international organizations.
Based on the above facts, I urge the United Nations, the Council of Europe and all international organizations to condemn the actions of the Russian and Azerbaijani authorities, and to demand that they restore the rule of law and respect for my rights!    
The world should know that I was arrested for my personal views and for criticizing the policy of the Azerbaijani authorities not only toward the Talyshi people, but also the rest of the population! The Investigation Group does not have a single evidence proving my guilt. 

Second, I ask President of the United States Mr. D. Trump, to take my case under his personal control, to apply another  “Magnitsky Act” against Russia and introduce new sanctions -  against those Russian officials who are to blame for my tragedy!
I ask President of the United States to instruct the US ambassadors to Russia and Azerbaijan to look into the situation on the spot. My lawyers in Moscow can provide them with all the necessary documents. I would also ask the US ambassador to Azerbaijan to visit the detention center and find out all the details of my arrest.

Third, taking into consideration the fact that I am deprived of the opportunity to write a complaint about my illegal confinement, I ask the ECHR, to accept the current appeal as my official complaint, to investigate this case, and to make a decision on my immediate release and paying me two million Euros of compensation for moral damage! 
Fourth, I want the whole world community to know that if something fatal happens to me in the prison cell, it will happen against my will, since I am full of energy and ready to continue my struggle, and I have no intention to leave this world!

Fifth, I have neither complaints about the staff of the remand prison nor the conditions of detention!

I hope the world community will hear my appeal and protect me from illegal persecution by the Azerbaijani authorities! 

Thank you for your attention! 


Abbasov Fakhraddin Farman ogly (Fakhraddin Aboszoda) 

B, Demand prison of State Security Service 
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