UNESCO.Ismayil Shabanov
    Azerbaijan is continuing its policy of systematic and planned destruction of the ancient historical artifacts related to the history of the Talysh population.
It is well known that the attitude toward the Talysh people in Azerbaijan as one of the indigenous populations of this country is not unambiguous. After the collapse of the USSR and declaration of the independency of the Republic of Azerbaijan in 1991, as fate has willed, the Talysh people has remained under the jurisdiction of this country. At that time, obviously, no one had interested with the perception of the Talysh people of this issue. During the years of its independency, the official Baku has chosen the way of non-recognition of the native Talysh population and has built all its policy in this unconstructive direction. The name “Talysh” is officially banned in the country, and the region itself, historically known as “Talysh region”, is named and called as “Southern region”, despite it is situated in the southeast of the country.
 The historical documents and resources related to this people, is being destroyed, the research and study of the history and culture of the Talysh is prohibited.                               
      The Talysh intellectuals, who are interested in the research of the culture and history of the nation, are persecuted. The historical artifacts belonging to the Talysh population, either destroyed, or forcibly taken away to other regions of the country, where demonstrated as a local for that region archeological discoveries.   
All abovementioned is the political process conducted by the Azerbaijan, which has targeted to erase the Talysh people from the history. This process is continuously done each minute of every hour and every day.
As a part of the referred process, we have to mention that during the last month, six ancient artifacts in the form of stone Aeries have been taken away from the Lerik district of the Talysh region. These ancient stone artifacts are deemed to be very important historical cultural heritage deeply related to the history of the Talysh region. Undoubtedly, such a theft and take away from the Talysh region the ancient historical heritage pursues demolition of these artifacts from the list of the ancient resources of history of the Talysh.
This action has actively been discussed in the social networks, and we were in hope that these artifacts will be returned to their places. However, the promises given to the representatives of our nation are not fulfilled and the official bodies are deceiving the local population and temporize the time.
We consider all such actions of officials of the country as acts of vandalism and heavy crime toward the entire Talysh region and the Talysh nation.
The Talysh community of the Russia is not going to keep silence on this issue.
If these artifacts shall not be returned to their initial places, and relevant measures shall not be taken toward the individuals guilty in this action, regardless their personality, we shall be obliged to take all corresponding measures for recourse to all international authorities, including UNESCO.
  At the same time, we would like to note that we do not pursue to strengthen the undesired image of Azerbaijan Republic established in the international arena, and therefore, we appeal to the officials of the country to stop this historical vandalism toward the historical heritage of the Talysh population.

Ismayil Shabanov 
Member of Commission of InterEthnic Relations Council at the President of Russian Federation President of Talysh Community of Russian Federation 
September 03, 2018
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