Why Talysh?  Why Elvin Isaev and Fakhraddin Abbasov?
Why Talysh?  Why Elvin Isaev and Fakhraddin Abbasov?

 Why are the Azerbaijani authorities persecuted around the world and cruel to the representatives of the indigenous peoples of Azerbaijan, Talysh?
 You can ask many questions to the authorities, the opposition and other people from Azerbaijan, what did Talysh do to you?
 The answer is simple ...
 Talysh still do everything possible for the good of the country, for their homeland, and we, Talysh, are given in return only without meaningless slander, called separatism.

 We are Talysh, we want for ourselves, for our future autonomy within the country.
 We do all this peacefully.
 We demand and criticize everything that we want for Talysh, in a civilized manner, on social networks and so on.
 Real examples can be given both from the past and from the present, as they brutally cracked down on Talysh intelligentsia.

 From the past, one can cite the example of the late editor of the newspaper Tolyshi Sado Novruzali Mammadov and his two sons, since the Azerbaijani authorities mistreated them, became murderers and destroyed one family.
  Journalist, public figure and scholar Fakhraddin Abbasov was arrested in Russia in 2018 and sent to Azerbaijan.
Video blogger Talish Elvin Isaev was sent from Ukraine to Azerbaijan on December 12, 2019.
 Now their fate can befall, like the fate of Novruzali Mammadov and other late Talish activists.

Talysh National Movement
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